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First thoughts...

First thoughts...

September 14, 2017

Maatsuyker Island - Week 1

First thoughts…

We’re here. We're alone now on this spectacular island.

After months of planning and preparation, I’m staring out over the iconic landscape of Maatsuyker.

Rain glides down the glass that separates Jesse and I from a startling 1,000 foot cliff and thundering swell below. The waves crash up and down, chaotically methodic against a collection of sheer rocks, some towering 300 feet above the surface facing southwest over the island. They’re known as “the needles”, and as they stand threatening any ship or sailor who drifts even the slightest bit too close in the wrong conditions, they are the reason for the light. 

A magnificent testimony to the ingenuity and determination of human beings, the lighthouse stands firm at the edge of the island. Like a proud soldier it raises its light in defense of those it is tasked with protecting. Awe-inspiring and beautiful.

And for us, it’s home now. We have the privilege of gazing out over this magnificence for the next six months of our lives. How did we become so fortunate? Only God knows. 

The last three weeks of training have been tough. We’ve been running around learning about the island - how to record weather and perform regular maintenance on the generator and various mowers, navigating the water and electrical system, becoming familiar with the multitude of gardens. Not to mention the buying and packing of 190 days worth of food and gear. All of what amounted to be nearly 1,700lbs (800kgs). 

We ran our butts off, spent a ton of money, crammed our brains with vast amounts of information, and had a sensational amount of fun along the way. 

It was all for this. This moment, staring out over the rocks. Having a whole island to keep watch over and explore. 

If I’m being honest, I was definitely nervous for this particular adventure. And yet now I can honestly say I’ve had two of the most epicly memorable days of my life, and all we’ve really done are our everyday tasks - weather observing, de-molding, cleaning and organizing our new home, walking up and down the only road we have. 

Somewhere in between these ordinarily mundane projects, I’ve experienced some of the most true and all consuming joy I’ve ever really imagined possible. All together with a friend and lover I couldn’t have even dreamt up or pieced together from a collection of millions. 

I journeyed across oceans to find a man who shook my world off its axis, and then we came here, to Maatsuyker. 

48 hours and we’ve already seized more moments to stop and dance, kiss, laugh, jump around, sing, and bury our faces in each other’s neck to say, “I love you” than we would have over the course of months back home.

I’m not sure there could be a more romantic and inspiring place to have a grand adventure…And we have it all to ourselves. 

New Neighbors

New Neighbors

In the beginning

In the beginning